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Buggy drawings

Buggy Mag

A new model of the “Mag” buggy, made to order

Buggy for Rally Raid

Races on the cross-country for long distances are called rally raids and can last several days. It is for this…
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Atom Ariel for children

After the completion of the construction of Nemesis (Atom Ariel replicas), there were immediately questions – is it possible to…
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Buggy Raptor 200

We offer drawings of single and double models of buggy “Raptor 200”. Both models are equipped with Gx-200 engines. On…
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Buggy Champion Sport

Car for children from 4 to 14 years. Is going with a 4-stroke engine “Honda” or its analog. Used automatic…
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Raptor Electro 2019

In the continuation of the Raptor series, it’s even interesting that they affected all the “weight categories”. This car is…
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Buggy Ball

The buggy model «Ball» is one of the first built by oneself. It was made in 1999 and proved to…
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Buggy Mini Raptor

Model «Mini Raptor» was created in 2013. The car is powered by an engine of 50-200 cm. and is intended…
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KTM X BOW Electro

KTM X BOW possesses an eco-friendly electric motor of sufficient power. Even with a load of 5 people sitting, it’s…
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Moto Drift Trike

Moto Drift Trike produced by Avtoproject together with Karting City, a novelty of 2017.

Formula one

Model buggy “Formula 1” is designed for children from 3 to 7 years. The history of this car began as…
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