Багги Lizard

Buggy Lizard almost Barracuda – buggy for outdoor activities with family / friends.
Medium dimensions, design taken from the Australian Barracuda buggy, relatively low weight, while a nimble, easy-to-drive car for a 10-year-old child or a pilot up to 180 cm 85 kg.

The most detailed drawings, down to the smallest detail + plus a photo for visual perception: WHAT? HOW? and where? Detailed instructions for the sequence of assembly and refinement of parts.

Buggy Lizard (visual resemblance to Barracuda) – a reload of positive emotions and wonderful impressions!

The cladding can be made of polyester, aluminum sheet or steel. See photo video about this buggy. Buy blueprints.

We will develop drawings for ICE 400-600 cm3.

Buggy characteristics «Lizard»:

  • ICE – from a scooter 150-250 cm cube, CVT, electric starter
  • Clutch – automatic – variator
  • Steering gear – Tavria – modified, shortened
  • Steering knuckles special production, available to everyone (or on order from us)
  • Rear pins – front fists VAZ2108 – modified, lightweight
  • Drives – modified VAZ2108 – outer CV joint, inner – VAZ2106 cross to reduce the weight of the car (in the future it will be an option to use a serial VAZ2108 drive with both CV joints and a VAZ differential)
  • Differential – special production, Tavria satellites are used, use without differential is allowed
  • Motorcycle shock absorbers
  • Fiberglass seat – Avtoproject, when purchasing drawings, a 15% discount on seats
  • Payload up to 90 kg
  • Length – 2630 mm
  • Width – 1600 mm
  • Height – 1320 mm
  • Track -1440 mm
  • Clearance (estimated) – 270 mm

Photo of the buggy model «Lizard» (how do you like the buggy almost Barracuda?)

Cost – 70$

Initial development process from assembly to Drive 2ru:

Начало https://www.drive2.ru/l/591890749805565511/

Часть 1 https://www.drive2.ru/l/592441330253205400/

Часть 2 https://www.drive2.ru/l/593674157665844209/

Часть 3 https://www.drive2.ru/l/596699189031734501/

To be continued …

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