Buggy Mag

A new model of the “Mag” buggy, made to order

This buggy model was developed in accordance with the following technical conditions agreed by the customer:

  • Maximum use of components VAZ 2101 – 2109
  • Drive (semiaxis) – VAZ 2108 – apply the standard length
  • Front swivel fists VAZ 2101 – 2106
  • Ball bearings – VAZ 2101
  • For the levers to apply the serial silent blocks from the classics (VAZ 2101)
  • Rear suspension MacPherson – with front standard shock absorbers VAZ 2108
  • VAZ Steering Points
  • Bouncing knuckles standard
  • The standard brake system according to the rotary knuckles
  • Pedal block VAZ 2101
  • Frame frame of pipes without bends, cut off fitted – welded
  • The customer was provided with photo buggies, according to which it was necessary to perform the appearance and some constructive nodes

Photo buggy model «Mag»

Taking into account these technical conditions and other criteria, these drawings were developed, according to which the buggy itself was later manufactured.

Silent blocks of the upper front levers VAZ 2101 were applied to the front and rear levers of the developed buggy, using the minimum number of different parts.

The car is designed for drag racing.

Cost – 50 $

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