Double Morgan 1912

We can make copies of later Morgan Three-Wheeler models. For example, we are currently working on a two-seater version of 1912 with a hood, we can build a standard Morgan subcompact with a steering wheel and a folding roof, as shown in the photo above

In 2019, we accepted an order for a replica of Morgan with a 2.2-volt 60-volt electric motor. It is also an exhibition model (layout) that can be delivered on a trailer to a meeting of Morgan fans and already shown in action.

Everything is made as close to the original as possible: tape brakes, a steering wheel with a gas-driven steering wheel, a model of an internal combustion engine, a two-speed gearbox – operating and much more as in the original.

He is still at work, on YouTube you can watch short videos and photos of the future replica, we still have a little work to do.
This will be a wonderful new version of a copy of Morgan on our list, which will enslave Morgan lovers with its history and memories of 1912.

Photo Replica Morgan

Video Replica Morgan

Our retro channel: Replica builder Morgan


  • Exhibition version without electric drive 14,000 Euro
  • The current model with an electric drive from 20,000 euros to 25,000 euros, the price depends on the installed components, as agreed with the customer
  • Full set of drawings – 500 $

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