Raptor Electro 2019

In the continuation of the Raptor series, it’s even interesting that they affected all the “weight categories”. This car is designed for the youngest children from 4 to 12 years (with the condition of a short child).

Easy to operate, easy to maintain – especially in refueling – 220 volt socket! Technical characteristics on the photo.

The maximum speed of 15 km per hour, two children feel comfortable and convenient. The pipe uses thin-walled 1.2 – 1.5 mm wall thickness. Steering knuckles like karting, the rear suspension is stiff, in front of the buggy, which is tough in the photo – installation of shock absorbers is provided. In principle, at such a speed they are not necessary. Drive to one rear wheel.

Model photo of the Raptor 1500 buggy

The set of drawings includes:

  • frame with sizes
  • true details in two formats drawing and laser cutting format
  • steering knuckles – detailing
  • rear axle detailing with hubs for 8-inch wheels
  • photo in the assembly process
  • photo assembly
  • other necessary drawings
  • preliminary list of necessary materials

*Some points, depending on the electric motor and the wheels are solved in the manufacture of the place. Facing is made of fiberglass, there are matrices.

The first client on the gift drawings as a matrix of hoods and spoilers!

Video buggy «Raptor Electro»

Cost – 40 $

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