Buggy project development

We develop projects for buggies, suspension buggies and other motor vehicles for individual orders. Almost everything that we develop has been implemented in a product.

We are developing:

  • buggy drawings for your components or as agreed
  • custom-made pendant drawings new or to your existing buggy
  • drawings of units and parts necessary for you, under the design of various motor vehicles (as agreed)
  • drawings of exclusive cars from the photo, provided that these drawings are simply not

Our new developments:

  • 4×4 buggy for expeditions
  • buggies with a minimum budget, available materials and spare parts for the engine 150-390 cm cu. (engine from scooters and power plants, cultivators), the maximum simplified version. Here we will collect all the information we have about simplifying the manufacture and interchangeability of parts and materials (currently in work)

About us

  • experience building buggies since 1980
  • experience in the development of drawings of the buggy and the further implementation of the developed model for motorsport since 1989
  • professional approach since 1998
  • development of drawings of a buggy for an autocross, direct participation in the Ukrainian Championship in autocross on an SKA buggy. Practical understanding of the operation of units and mechanisms, weight reduction, strength preservation
  • 2000 year introduction in Ukraine of discipline of the D3 “Junior” group and the creation of the first sports buggies for children in Ukraine, almost 90% of mini buggies in Ukraine were our production for more than 10 years
  • development of drawings for photos and the creation of exclusive cars in their time for children and adults