Delivery and payment options


To purchase, send us a request (form) on the desired page of the site.
Or contact us using one of the methods listed on the Contacts page.


Drawings are sent after payment within 24 hours to your email address (in case there is no Internet access or we are out of town).

The drawings are divided into folders by nodes, archived in the WinRAR system. You can download for free in the language you need.


Refunds for the purchase of digital goods can only be made before the goods themselves are sent (the fact of sending is fixed by the date and time of sending the message with a link or an attached file)

The return of physical goods is carried out on the basis of the law and is 14 days if the goods have not been used.

Goods that were in use are subject to exchange or return only due to marriage and according to the contract (drawn up when ordering a product / service)