Delivery and payment options


Options for payment of your orders, issued by us for Ukraine, Russia and other countries

For Ukraine

Payment is accepted on the card of Privat Bank (we send it in any way).

Attention! On this card, you can also transfer and rubles through KIWI wallet.

For Russia and other countries

Pay with a bank transfer, which is part of Ukraine.

For example, the translation of Intel Express or TYME, Meest, Weslend, Western Union, Money Gram, RIA, Sigue. Please find out how to transfer funds to your bank.

Payment Details

How to transfer money? Money can be sent by transfer

Where? Ukraine, Mariupol city

To whom? We specify when making an application.

Amount? In any currency with losses and commissions of the bank when converting (issued only in UAH). For example, if you put money on a Russian VTB24 card, it will be more expensive by 15%.

When paying for the card VTB24 must provide a check.


We receive payment and within 24 hours we send you drawings to the electronic address.
All decomposed into folders in RAR archives