Retro car replica

Our team of replica car manufacturers based in Mariupol, Ukraine can help you create a replica of a classic car or an antique microcar. We usually equip our cars with electric motors to make them simpler and more reliable. For example, models such as the Morgan Runabout of 1909, 1910, 1912 and 1917.

We are currently working on a special Albert Ball car at the 1917 Morgan Grand Prix (Albert Ball’s special car at the 1917 Morgan Grand Prix). This project will take a long time, many parts have to be developed from scratch from photographs, such as the body, hood, fenders and many small parts. Customers and the archivist of the Morgan Company, Chris Booth, help us in some issues of car design. Read more here – Morgan Grand Prix 1917.

A rare classic car is difficult to find – they are usually sold at auctions, and prices are very high. What if there are only a few cars and you can’t add them to your collection? We can help – just order a copy of this car from us, with the option to drive at Morgan Lovers’ Club meetings or as a permanent museum exhibit. We offer affordable prices and high quality work with attention to detail.

You will conduct business with a legal entity (documents are provided upon request), a production contract will be signed, you will receive regular production reports, and we will help with the organization of delivery. If necessary, you can also visit our production.

It usually takes about a year to create your own replica. In addition, kits and drawings are available for those who wish to create their own replica project.

If you are interested in a replica, kit or blueprint of a classic car, please contact us with further questions.

We offer:

  • Exact copy of the original car
  • Affordable prices
  • High quality
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Regular reporting
  • Assistance in organizing delivery

Morgan Runabout 1910

This replica of the 1910 Morgan Runabout tricycle is a true masterpiece. Supplied with an electric motor and manufactured with…
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