Retro car replica

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Our team of replica car manufacturers, located in Mariupol, Ukraine, can help you in building a classic car or vintage microcar replica. Usually we power our vehicles with electric engines to make them more simple and reliable.

It is quite hard to find a rare classic car – usually they are sold at auctions, and the prices are very high. What if only few cars exist and you can’t get them to your collection? We can help – just order a replica of this car from us, either with ability to drive or as a stationary museum-piece. We offer affordable prices and high quality of work with attention to the smallest details.

You will do business with legal entity (documents are available upon request), manufacturing contract will be signed, you will receive regular production reports and we will help with organizing a delivery. You can also visit our production facility, if necessary.

Usually it takes about a year to build your custom replica. Also, kits and blueprints are avaiable for those who wants to build their replica project themselves.

If you are interested in having a classic car replica, kit or blueprints, contact us and ask more questions.

We offer:

  • An exact copy of the original car
  • Reasonable prices
  • High quality
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Regular reporting
  • Assistance in arranging of delivery

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