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Багги Ariel Nomad

Ultralight and powerful SUV. New aspects of life – active unity with nature, a forest, a narrow dirt road, a headwind!

  1. Our team has developed an approximate version of the copy designed by Ariel Nomad
  2. Drawings as close as possible version of Nomad under Nivovsky fists

SUV photo Ariel Nomad

Forest walks along the route, excursions, Carpathians, the coast of the Sea of Azov – extreme.

Characteristics Ariel Nomad:

  • L x W x H (mm) 3260 х 1900 х 1385
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2380
  • Ground clearance (mm) 350*
  • Engine size (cm cube) 1500 – 2200
  • Dry weight (kg) 800
  • Max speed (km/h) 140
  • Fuel tank (l) 12

Photo of a similar buggy

In the set:

  1. The use of steering knuckles Niva
  2. Drawings of the front and rear suspensions (detailing the arm assembly)
  3. Frame drawings – detailing and frame assembly
  4. Roll cage and bumper drawings
  5. List of diameters and their number
  6. Steering trapezoid and refinement of the steering mechanism, for the correct operation of the front suspension
  7. Engine VAZ 1.5-1.8 l
  8. Other details and information in the required quantity to build a buggy
  9. For those who own the SOLIDWORKS 2018 x64 program, upon request, we send a 3D frame model with drawings (at no additional charge), to take more accurate angles and dimensions, if necessary

Drawings provided in two formats: PDF* and JPG.

Bonus! One free 20 min consultation or answer to your list of questions.

Please save the drawings to a flash drive! We send drawings again only within two weeks after payment upon presentation of a receipt.

Cost – 400$

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