Morgan Runabout 1910

This replica of the 1910 Morgan Runabout tricycle is a true masterpiece. Supplied with an electric motor and manufactured with attention to the smallest detail, it will become the jewel in your private collection – for a fraction of the price of the original car!

How we made a replica «Morgan Runabout 1910»

Customer from Denmark asked to build a replica of the Morgan Runabout 1910, as close as possible to the original (except that it will be equipped with an electric motor). Therefore, we will use two mechanical band brakes for the rear wheel, a working two-speed gearbox, acetylene headlights, etc. The 1500W electric motor will be located in the front (under the hood), it will be connected to the gearbox through the propeller shaft. Morgan archivist Chris Booth with his collection kindly helped us with drawings and useful tips (you can see a photo of him and his replica below).

The project started in March 2018 and ended in November 2018. This car is currently on display at the Morgan Garage (

Photo of replica «Morgan Runabout 1910»

Video Replica Morgan 1910

Our retro channel: Replica builder Morgan


  • Exhibition version without electric drive – 12000 $
  • The current model with an electric drive from 14000 to 20000 $, the price depends on the installed components, as agreed with the customer
  • Full set of drawings – 3000 $

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