Atom Ariel for children

After the completion of the construction of Nemesis (Atom Ariel replicas), there were immediately questions – is it possible to build Atom Ariel for children. Built – see.

We offer drawings of Atom Ariel doubles for children from 8 to 14 years old. On this model of children’s car, you can install two engine options: Honda Gx-200 engine and its analogues and scooter engines with a volume of 50 – 90 cm cube. The management of this car easily copes girl 12 years old – watch the video.

Photo of the buggy model «Atom Ariel Children»

In the set:

  1. Rear suspension
  2. All the necessary details – 95%
  3. Front knuckle
  4. Frame and phased assembly (detailed drawings)
  5. Front levers
  6. Rear trailing arms
  7. Half Axles
  8. Differential
  9. Steering two variants of steering mechanisms (completion of the serial and manufacturing from scratch)
  10. Motrama under the engine Chodna Gx 200
  11. Options for improvement (engine boost)
  12. Drawings automatic clutch to this engine
  13. A list of all parts and materials for the preparation of detailed estimates
  14. The number of pipes and their diameters
  15. Consultations of the author (except drawings purchased for the action)
  16. Photos auto, components and parts

Child Atom Video

Cost – 80

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