Buggy Raptor 150-390

The new model of the dinosaur has a motor with a volume of 150 – 390 cm3. and is the continuation of the series.

In 2013, a model with a 150 variator motor was developed and tested at the box office.

In this car, we tried to get away from expensive components and complex, independently manufactured parts, the so-called budget option for active recreation, rental organization.

The simplest seam tube and accessories of VAZ 2108 (it is really possible to use second-hand) is used. With a weight of 200 kg and an engine capacity of 7 – 13 hp, they will serve forever.
Drawings in two versions:

  • with a motor of 150 cm cube
  • with a motor of 390 cm cube (development and testing in 2014)

The difference in the rear suspension, everything else is identical. When using a seamless seamless pipe, we achieve strengthening of some elements of the frame and suspension. It is really possible to install a more powerful engine (up to 600 cm cube) without forgetting the safety measures!

Photo buggy model «Raptor 150-390»

In the set:

  1. Photos of the general plan from different sides
  2. Photos of the assembly process and individual parts
  3. Drawing of a back suspension bracket
  4. Build order
  5. The front swivel fist (in two versions, the new version of VAZ 2101)
  6. Frame
  7. Front levers
  8. Car lining parts
  9. Rear lever
  10. Rear pin
  11. Steering information
  12. Other documents with explanations

Photo buggy «Raptor 150-390»

Cost – 50 $

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