Buggy Champion Sport

Car for children from 4 to 14 years. Is going with a 4-stroke engine “Honda” or its analog. Used automatic clutch. The car speeds up to 45 km / h and with the forced internal combustion engine up to 80 km/h.

Overall dimensions of the Champion: 2200/1300/1050 (L/W/H)

This model is certified by the FAA (Automobile Federation of Ukraine) and received a patent for the “Industrial Design”. Progressive machine for children’s motorsport since 2007. It is made in two versions of the body (monocoque – fiberglass bearing body and frame (frame welded from pipes St 30HGSA – for sports) .The frame is inferior in design to the plastic body and loses in weight 10 – 15 kg.

Prizes young athletes occupy mainly on this car. The model is also popular in the near abroad (Russia and Belarus).

Photo buggy model «Champion Sport»

In the set:

  1. Photos of the general plan from different sides
  2. Photos of the assembly process and individual parts
  3. Rear Motorax
  4. Drawings of all necessary details
  5. Front swivel fist
  6. Frame
  7. Front levers
  8. Car lining parts
  9. Rear lever
  10. Rear pin
  11. Steering information
  12. Other drawings with explanations

Video buggy «Champion Sport»

Cost – 80 $

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