Improving the gas pad

How to refine the gas drive to remove the factory speed limiter and when the pedal is depressed (by turning the throttle), the throttle in the carburettor opens completely?

  • remove the air filter
  • we remove the standard gas drive
  • after removing the standard gas drive, it is necessary to firmly check the box
  • install a new gas console
  • we recommend replacing the standard bolt with an internal hexagon


These silentblocks are used in motorsports in the construction of children’s mini buggies and full-size buggies with engine power up to 200 hp. (in this version, the dimensions are completely different, the principle is the same).

Silentblock VAZ 2101 upper

Silentblock for mini buggy sport

Silentblock VAZ 2108 rear shock absorber

Drawing of the rotary fist VAZ 2108

Brake disc for buggies and karts

Characteristics of the brake disc of a scooter:

  • outside diameter – 190 mm
  • landing diameter – Ф58 mm
  • thickness – 4 mm
  • 3 holes Ф10 on Ф78 mm

Master Brake Cylinder

Dimensions of housing bearings

Skid of kart sleds

Steering tips SA, SAL, SI, SIL

Photo of the instrument panel sticker – ready layout

Calculation of the dimensions of asterisks for customization


  • number of teeth – 41
  • outside diameter – 170 mm
  • internal diameter of the landing hole – 54 mm
  • 4 holes Ф9 mm at a diameter of 70 mm
  • thickness – 7 mm

XLSX Download File

Technical requirements for a sports car for safety and dimensions of pipes

PDF download file

Sitting of the frame of the buggy Raptor 1500

How to tag and customize pipes when building a buggy

Shock absorber housing VAZ 2108

Back hub for karting


  • central hole Ф30
  • keyway groove 6 mm
  • 3 holes M8 at a diameter of 58 mm