Seat Covers

Would you like an upholstered seat? We know how to solve this problem!

To make the car dynamic, lightweight, well-controlled, when you feel it with your whole body, while racing through an ergonomic lightweight seat.

Once, one of our customers bought a set of off-road seats without upholstery. The logic is clear – there is no desire to mess around with cleaning after the “event on rough terrain”. Nevertheless, two days of discomfort in the lower back, which resembled a chop, made him reconsider his decision, and will contact us again.

In order not to repeat his mistakes, we offer an option to avoid pain, both for the head and for less thinking parts of the body.

So far, 3 options are in demand, suitable for use in extreme driving:

  • Full-size foam cushions, in leatherette, or any other practical fabric. Soft, comfortable, dispose to drive photo with Velcro pillows

Seat pads (cushions) are very practical and comfortable. At any time, you can replace it with another color, style or material. The seat cushions are attached with Velcro for easy removal, washing or replacement.

The weight of the pillows is from 0.7 kg to 2 kg. A choice of color from the assortment offered by the manufacturer of the seat cover material.

Price from 750 to 1200 UAH (seat model and style, size).

We carry out any of the options, please contact!

Order from us an elegant upholstery made of leatherette used for seats on sea boats and yachts!

The products are maximally resistant to moisture and sunlight. The base price of upholstery is from 2000 to 3000 UAH. (L, XL). Any colour.

The increase in cost will depend only on the whims of the customer (logo, emblem, exclusive style within reasonable limits).

Are you still thinking? It’s time to order!


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