Retro auto Buick

The brand Buick was founded by David Dunbar Buick in Michigan in 1899, is the oldest American automotive company from the current. In 1908, the company entered the newly formed concern «General Motors», and the founder of the brand retired.

Currently, Buicks are sold in the US, Canada, Mexico, but the main market for the company is Chinese, where this brand is sold as a very simple low-cost model, and solid representative cars.

Buy a retro car of this brand, order its creation or buy drawings you can contacting us.

Photo of retro car «Buick»

Preliminary characteristic of a brand replica Buick:

  • Drive – motor Power 1 kW 60 v
  • Clutch – automatic
  • Body – frame construction
  • Front suspension – shock absorbers (moto), independent suspension
  • Rear suspension – beam with a rod Panara, shock absorbers
  • Brake system – disc hydraulic brakes
  • Steering – Reach
  • Wheels – discs, size 26″ x 3 (preliminary)
  • Tires – special tires 26/3 (preliminary)
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 3200/1480/1650
  • Width front / rear —- mm
  • Base —- mm
  • Number of seats – 5 (2)
  • Weight of the construction 350 kg
  • Payload 500 kg
  • The maximum speed is 40 km/h

The price for a set of drawings of this car is $ 1000

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