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Drawings of knots and details of auto on order

Work on drawings on order. Do you need a part, a knot or a whole machine? Apply, we will help

Hello! Over the recent period of time, we are often:

  • where to find free drawings?
  • can you design buggy drawings with a minimum number of parts produced?
  • is it possible to draw this or that buggy model?
  • what accessories do you use in your drawings?

We are pleased to answer your questions.

Free drawings

We have already posted some drawings of the buggy models in free access. We plan to gradually expand the category of free buggy drawings and not only, but also some parts and details, so that you will be able to understand what you can encounter when building a car, where you can save, how to make it easier.

Minimal development

Yes, we can develop such options, one such option already exists, there is also a simplified frame, the minimum is flexible in the frame (as requested by the customer). The price of such a set of 50 $ (not yet laid out, there is a need to write), we can simplify and draw a maximum – it all depends on your requests and wishes.

Individual components and parts

The answer is simple: yes we can, the experience in this business is great, many of our knots and buggy parts, like cars in general – have passed the test in sports, hire – where the maximum loads and no one pities the technique to achieve the goal. Price list for this issue see below.

What accessories do you use??

If it is used in sports – more expensive and special production, at the rental – the maximum of the publicly available components of VAZ 2101 – 2108. And of course what you request in your technical tasks when you contact us.

Our prices:

  • The development of the detail node buggy + detailing – from 30 $, the price depends on the complexity of the node, the details and your source data (do you provide something or from scratch)?
  • Development of a drawing of a frame or levers of a suspension bracket – from 100 $
  • Ready-made drawings of suspension arms with geometry calculation (for good handling of the car), which we already have available – from 30 $
  • Development of a car buggy drawing as a whole – from 200 $. From you necessarily the technical task, which we further discuss, you confirm and then we undertake to translate your ideas into reality
  • We can also develop drawings of a car you like, buggy or other exclusive or retro equipment from the photos – from 400 $

An example of such models is the following:

  • Replica Morgan 1909
  • Atom Ariel – «Nemesis»
  • Lotus Alice – «The Pearl»
  • Raptor 1500 – analogue of the buggy KTM
  • Buggy Champion Sports
  • KTM X BOW replica and others

All the models that are placed on our website are designed and manufactured by our team

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