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Engine refurbishment Honda Gx 200

List of actions for finalization in the format what we do and why:

  1. to plan a seat of a head 0,8-1 mm – for increase in a degree of compression (more rigid approach to remove up to 2 mm)
  2. to put washers 2 mm under valve springs, or to replace springs on more rigid – to leave from a hang of valves
  3. polish the combustion chamber and the bottom of the piston – reduce the formation of carbon deposits
  4. sawing in the ignition coil fixing holes, to make earlier the moment of ignition – increase in number of turns
  5. put the spacer under the regular carburetor (drawing) or replace it with a scooter – improves engine performance in both general and transient modes
  6. with a regular gasoline tank to replace the plastic fitting with a mesh on the carved steel – after forcing the engine at high speed does not have time to receive fuel
  7. drill a hole in the connecting rod for the supply of oil and execute on the working surface accurate channels for the spread of oil, or replace the connecting rod with American (tuning) – increases the life of the engine at high speeds (reliability)
  8. turn off the speed limiter – perform direct gas drive
  9. remove the cutter angular protrusion in the channels of the valves – the cross section is larger, respectively, the filling of the cylinder and better engine performance
  10. notches on the piston or grooves (drawing) – keeps the oil in the friction zone
  11. more laborious work – to squander the valve seats and to mend new valves or to pick up the serial cars of a larger size and refine

Drawings of engine modifications Honda Gx 200

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