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Drawings of variators Gx 160-200 and 240-390

At present, many people use for power equipment engine power products (line) – Honda, Weim, Sadko, Centaur and others (there is no point in listing – they are all of the same type in design). We explain with a simple language what is the advantage of the variator, and also we provide the drawings

Their use is possible with a centrifugal automatic clutch, clutch with a gearbox in an oil bath (rolling cards) and a variator. All options are good with a purpose and approach.
In this section we provide free information on how it is possible to apply serial variators from scooters of 150-250 cm3. to these engines.

For example a sports car mini buggy. It is necessary to win the start and then go to a higher speed, with one engine power. When the automatic clutch is installed, the gear ratio is selected, and how not to strain the start better than it is not and the speed is higher than it will not be roughly laid. With the variator, the gear ratio changes from the engine speed and load to the vehicle. Start – the maximum gear ratio – the buggy is torn from the spot, the car starts moving with increasing engine speed and reducing the load (rolling resistance), the gear ratio decreases, hence the speed increases. Here is the advantage of the variator.

Do not forget to correctly calculate the initial gear ratio. I wish you success!

Cost – Free
Download variator drawings Gx 160-200
Download variator drawings Gx 240-390

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