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Differential mini baggy

We bring to your attention the drawings of the differential for mini buggies D3 U1

How do we solve this problem?

There are two ways:

  1. For sports, where you want to minimize the weight of the buggy (the weight of the buggy is 115 to 150 kg)
  2. For buggies, not participating in championships of different levels and medium-sized buggies weighing up to 400 kg

Photo of differential

In the first variant we use serial parts from Tavria – sattelite and satellites and bearings 180105. All other parts are made by turning fur. In this case, the body and the cover of the differential can be made, as from steel so from D16T. The connecting part of the differential is a driven star (special manufacture) or an adapter for karting stars, which is tightened by six M6 bolts.

In the second version we use the serial differential mainly used from VAZ 2108-09 (for such low-power buggies it is quite enough). On the neck of the differential bearings are installed with the clips, on which the brackets for brake calipers are cooked. Accordingly, adapters for brake motor discs are cooked on internal VAZ sails. The differential in classical use is installed in the gearbox housing and smeared with oil in it.

When used for the buggy, it is necessary to pre-install the lubricant in the differential and to muffle the holes in the differential housing. There are also two options: to carve a glass – the lid or to cut out the stub from the thin steel with stitches, weld the plugs to the body.

In both variants of the differential, we apply lithol 24 lubricant and a 50/50 sail. As practice has shown quite enough for these speeds of these buggies.

Video Differential

Cost – Free

Download drawings of the mini Buggy differential D3 U1

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