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Drawings of car parts and assemblies

Rotary fist for karting

Fist rotary for the rolling map, electric vehicle. A simple design, available in the manufacture.

Rotary fist mini buggy two options

This fist design for mini buggies was developed in 2007. It has proven itself to be easy to manufacture and, with proper performance, light weight with sufficient strength. Cost – $ 5

Drawings of variators Gx 160-200 and 240-390

At present, many people use for power equipment engine power products (line) – Honda, Weim, Sadko, Centaur and others (there is no point in listing – they are all of the same type in design). We explain with a simple…
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Stagger frame buggies

We bring to your attention one of the many options of the slipway. For the rapid assembly of the frame buggy or any other metal structure.