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Restoration Volkswagen Beetle

We continue to inform about the restoration of the “Beetle” – Volkswagen Beetle

This time the bottom. The skeleton – the spinal beam is in good condition, the bottom is rotten – this is putting it mildly. We decided to restore it on our own, without a repair kit (unfortunately, deliveries from Europe, although working, but for quite a long time and unpredictable …). There was no time to wait, there was all the work with the body. The entire binding of the rotten bottom of the body is tied up on the rapids with the bottom.
They purchased metal, bent a profile for the bottom perimeter at the enterprise in the city and forward.
Found a man who has a zigovochny machine, rolled stiffness, a few days of work and the bottom is better than new).
It is necessary to pay tribute, all this was turned by one person – “golden hands”. A little later, we will show more of his work and the name)

Photo of work

Volkswagen Beetle body repair

Bottom we have restored, what is it to fix? The bottom of the body is just “trash”, there is no living space.

Little by little, our colleague Yuri Bilmayer began to reanimate him – to put in order and link the finished bottom to the body, to restore the bottom of the body.

Compared to what was and what they got – “heaven and earth.” Yes, it was possible to buy everything, new ready-made parts – only it would probably come out. Simply buy a good new car, the same Beetle) and do not bathe.

So again, on their own, they acquired only thresholds with interior pipes and the nose of the body (a small detail below the hood), the old sieve was visible (see the photo).

At the moment, the body is already assembled from the bottom, quite high quality and reliable.

Photos of works “Before” and “After”

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