Buggy drawings

Formula one

Model buggy “Formula 1” is designed for children from 3 to 7 years. The history of this car began as follows.

Carting for a dirt road

The karting model for a dirt road made by us has an engine capacity of 50-200 cm3. For the construction of karting can use engines Centaur, Honda, Sadko and their analogues.

Morgan Runabout 1909

Who among car lovers does not dream of plunging into the world of olden times, retro cars, knowing the design of these cars, or making your old dream come true – to get an old retro car?

Morgan Runabout 1910

This replica of Morgan Runabout 1910 three-wheeler is a real showstopper. Supplied with electric engine and produced with attention to the smallest details, it will be a gem in your private collection – for a fraction of a price of…
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Retro auto Buick

The brand Buick was founded by David Dunbar Buick in Michigan in 1899, is the oldest American automotive company from the current. In 1908, the company entered the newly formed concern «General Motors», and the founder of the brand retired.

Headlight Lucas 420

Here you can buy a fiberglass replica of acetylene Lucas 420 antique brass headlight. It can be used in your project, whether it is a custom bike or hot rod or something else. Our headlight supplied with modern lens and…
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Morgan Three-Wheeler

We can produce replicas of later Morgan Three-Wheeler models. For example, if you want a two-seater version, we can build Morgan Standard Runabout with a steering wheel and foldable roof, like the one you see on the photo above