KTM X BOW Electro

KTM X BOW possesses an eco-friendly electric motor of sufficient power. Even with a load of 5 people sitting, it’s also moving as easily as with two. In terms of safety, the motor is switched off when two pedals are pressed simultaneously.

The model is quite cheap in operation and relatively inexpensive for self-assembly.
Simplicity and ease of control is achieved through the recycling, or rather the completion of the steering. Even when the maximum speed is reached, which by the way can be increased due to the transmission ratio of the chain transmission, it fits into all corners.

Car features:

  • Dimensions: 2760/1440/1050 (L/W/H)
  • Weight – about 180-200 kg (depends on the design)
  • Brake system – disc hydraulic for the rear wheels
  • Steering – Rack type from the serial car (modified)
  • The seats are fiberglass plastic of our production with upholstery, the driver’s registers. The pilot is quite comfortable (dimensions 150-185 cm)
  • Lighting – LED (to save battery)
  • Reverse
  • Engine type – electric power 1 kW
  • Number of seats – two

Photo of the KTM X BOW

Video of the KTM X BOW


  • drawings – 600 UAH
  • matrix of all plastic products – set 4500 UAH

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