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Formula one

Model buggy “Formula 1” is designed for children from 3 to 7 years.
The history of this car began as follows.
In 2006, the customer asked us and asked us to produce Formula 1 with a 50 cm cube for a three-year-old child. and reverse. He sent us a lot of photos of a modern car for that period.

The task was set to produce a plastic body of a mini formula corresponding to the original by 70-80%. So the first “stroke” was put. Our sketches, drawings, approvals and our colleague – plastic affairs master – quickly and in time produced a dummy, a matrix and it turned out very well. The principle of karting without a suspension is taken as a basis for the undercarriage. The engine was used Kanuni from the scooter 80 cm cube, reverse gear – reducer Ant. With difficulty, all this was placed in a small car.

Photo buggy model «Formula 1»

Then a similar version was made with an electric drive. In both versions, the cart wheels are MC CART (Czech Republic).

There is a draft version of sketches, drawings, photos of two variants.

Cost – Free
Download drawings of Formula 1

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