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Carting for a dirt road

The karting model for a dirt road made by us has an engine capacity of 50-200 cm3. For the construction of karting can use engines Centaur, Honda, Sadko and their analogues.


  • Engine – 49.9 (from the scooter) or the series Gx160 – 200 cm3. Centaur, Honda, Sadko. Four-stroke, single-cylinder, starting as a boat engine
  • Seat – fiberglass anatomical (ladle or other)
  • imensions L/W/ H mm – 2000/1100-1250/1000 (depending on the wheels used)
  • Wheels – 8 or 10 inches (from an Ant motor scooter or a motorbike), Czech 145/70 x 8 or quad bikes
  • Payload – up to 100 kg
  • The recommended speed is 25 – 40 km an hour
  • Brakes – hydraulic disc on the rear axle

Photo of the kart

In the set:

  • Photos of analog nodes
  • Front swivel fist
  • Karting frame
  • Steering drawings
  • List of spare parts for making karting by own hands
  • Drawing of brake system
  • Rear axle

Video card built according to our drawings

Cost – Free
Download drawings of Carting for a dirt road

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