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Moto Drift Trike

Moto Drift Trike produced by Avtoproject together with Karting City, a novelty of 2017.

In 2017 our company got acquainted with the Polish manufacturer Moto Drift Traikov Adam Skrzypnik, it was decided by joint efforts to create a Ukrainian version of the trike.

Here and there were several pieces of Moto Drift Traik from Avtoproject. We want to offer lovers and homemakers a version of our drawings.

Car photo Trike

In the set:

  • drawings of the frame and its components (detailing)
  • rear axle and hub drawing
  • front fork drawing
  • drawings of parts produced by laser cutting, in the required format per one Trike
  • photos of the assembly process
  • photos of the finished trike
  • suppliers are indicated, where, what, who can be purchased from

All drawings in electronic form, send after payment by e-mail. Successful creative work!

Video Trike

Cost – Free upon request

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