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Buggy Atom Ariel Nemesis

We offer drawings of the «Atom Ariel Nemesis» model buggy in two versions: for VAZ and Toyota MR2 components in 3D

«Nemesis», as close as possible to the original in geometric dimensions, with an engine of 2000 cm cube TURBO. This model develops a speed of 250 km per hour.

Photo Buggy model «Atom Ariel» which we also made (no drawings)

Car features «Nemesis»:

  • Body double slider, on a tubular steel frame with aluminum struts
  • Toyota MR2 four-cylinder in-line turbocharged engine (transversely, in front of the rear axle)
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Five-speed manual gearbox
  • Suspension – independent, two-lever, with push levers
  • Brake system with separate front and rear loops and force adjustment (front ventilated discs with a diameter of 240 (290*) mm / rear solid discs with a diameter of 240 (290*) mm)
  • With overall dimensions of 3410/1600/1195 (L/W/H) the track width is 1600 mm
  • Wheelbase 2345 mm
  • Ground clearance – 100 mm (MP2) and 250 mm (VAZ)
  • 650 kg curb weight
  • The reached maximum speed of 250 km per hour

Photo buggy model «Nemesis»

In the set:

  1. Rear suspension – levers assembly and detail
  2. All necessary details – 90% (there are no drawings of the pedal block, engine and gearbox mountings, cladding, shock absorbers installed in place)
  3. Front steering knuckle – assembly and detailing
  4. Frame – detail and assembly drawing
  5. Front levers – assembly and detailing
  6. Rear axle – assembly and detailing
  7. Steering and steering mechanisms (serial revision)
  8. The list of spare parts and materials
  9. Preliminary number of pipes and their diameters
  10. Drawings of the rocker arm and shock absorber rods
  11. Laser cut parts in appropriate format
  12. With the option VAZ components, a list of serial VAZ components, a list of the required minimum tool
  13. Photo of nodes and parts of the original Atom
  14. Photos of our components and parts Nemesis
  15. Components and parts, also a frame in 3D – Solidworks 2016 Edition

Video buggy «Nemesis»


  • Nemesis for VAZ components (without 3D) – 99 $
  • Nemesis for Toyota MR2 components (with 3D) – 149 $


  1. Alexandre


    Congrats for tour project!

    How is possible to get Atom Ariel drawings?

    My email is alexandre@mxe.ind.br


    1. AvtoProject

      Hello, Alexandre.
      Unfortunately, we can not send a letter to the specified address with the details for payment.
      Do you have gmail?

  2. Tom

    How is possible to get Buggy Atom Ariel drawings?

    1. AvtoProject

      Hello, Tom!
      We sent letter to your email

  3. Andres Talva


    How is possible to get Buggy Atom Ariel drawings.

    1. AvtoProject

      Hello, Andres Talva!
      Answered you an e-mail


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