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Buggy Ball

The buggy model «Ball» is one of the first built by oneself. It was made in 1999 and proved to be the best. In 2015, was updated and undergone some qualitative changes.

Purpose of the car:

  • use at the coast
  • training in the buggy sections (children 5 – 14 years)
  • training the first skills of driving a car with gasoline engines in the buggy sections (children 5 – 14 years)
  • speed limit up to 25 km/h
  • ease of maintenance and manufacturing
  • weight of about 70 kg (depends on materials and components)

This car will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your child!

Photo of the buggy model «Ball»

In the set:

  1. Frame «Ball» and details of the frame buggies
  2. Frame «Ball» of front levers, swivel fist, steering, rear axle and bearings” and frame parts of the buggy
  3. Platform for the engine Gx 160 – 200 cm cube
  4. Detailing of all nodes (from where, what and what can be replaced)
  5. A list of materials and serial parts with links or telephones (where it is possible to buy at affordable prices)
  6. A detailed explanatory note (which, and in what order to collect)
  7. Recommended wheels and engine for «Ball»

Видео модели «Шарик»

Cost – 30 $

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