Restoration Volkswagen Beetle

The restoration process of a retro car “Beetle” – Volkswagen Beetle. A difficult, time-consuming process is painted with text with a photo report

This time the bottom. The skeleton – the spinal beam is in good condition, the bottom is rotten – this is putting it mildly. We decided to restore it on our own, without a repair kit (unfortunately, deliveries from Europe, although working, but for quite a long time and unpredictable …). There was no time to wait, there was all the work with the body. The entire binding of the rotten bottom of the body is tied up on the rapids with the bottom.
They purchased metal, bent a profile for the bottom perimeter at the enterprise in the city and forward.
Found a man who has a zigovochny machine, rolled stiffness, a few days of work and the bottom is better than new).
It is necessary to pay tribute, all this was turned by one person – “golden hands”. A little later, we will show more of his work and the name)

Photo of work

Volkswagen Beetle body repair

Bottom we have restored, what is it to fix? The bottom of the body is just “trash”, there is no living space.

Little by little, our colleague Yuri Bilmayer began to reanimate him – to put in order and link the finished bottom to the body, to restore the bottom of the body.

Compared to what was and what they got – “heaven and earth.” Yes, it was possible to buy everything, new ready-made parts – only it would probably come out. Simply buy a good new car, the same Beetle) and do not bathe.

So again, on their own, they acquired only thresholds with interior pipes and the nose of the body (a small detail below the hood), the old sieve was visible (see the photo).

At the moment, the body is already assembled from the bottom, quite high quality and reliable.

Photos of works “Before” and “After”

Bottom – to the finish!

The bottom of our beetle comes to the finish line. Without even waiting a week later, how they gave it to the painting – they got it in the finished painted form.

The finish line, of course, said loudly and yet there is something to think about, what to fasten, what to modify and install. Do not be bored.

The work of the painter is beautiful, we were satisfied. You can also look at the photo, we understand that you can not see much from the photo, trust us – everything is done perfectly, it is pleasing to the eye.

The next stage on the bottom, everything that is available or will be coming))) for the assembly associated with the bottom and the tunnel – we will collect…

Photos of the finished Beetle bottom after painting

Moved parts

Almost all dismantled Almost all dismantled “to the bone».

I had to break my head a little:

  • what to buy from modern cars
  • just restore something, giving a new life to the relevant details
  • order something in the original design

As written earlier, the goal to restore the car as in the original is not pursued, so we go through each part in which list to move it. Perhaps they decided on the maximum number of details and yet, something remained in doubt – their time will come)))
Now we are working on installing and fitting the rear wings, more on that later (only the right wings came).

Disassembly photo report

Repair parts and spare parts

So the process of washing, cleaning, painting and preparing parts for subsequent assembly went. The process is slow, a bit tedious and yet necessary.

We are thinking of leaving some of the details in their original condition, and then we’ll see, perhaps we will repaint it in the appropriate colors. Here are just the original inscriptions will have to restore or close our eyes.

The installation of the wings is nearing and on the way to painting work.

Photo work

Engine 1200 cm cube

The car stood motionless for about 15 years, but arrived at its long-term parking place under its own power. How much this move was good or bad we can only guess. The condition of the car you saw earlier. It’s time to look into the heart of the car – the engine.

There are some similarities with our Zaporozhets, there are difficulties in disassembling the assembly. We want to note that when you first deal with such an engine, everything is thought out and strikes in a good sense of the word.

The results of the autopsy honestly surprised. For such an ancient engine, its state:

  • cylinders and pistons when measuring within normal limits, without exceeding wear. We decided to leave the family, putting in order and replacing the ring
  • piston rings – of course to be replaced
  • crankshaft necks are normal, all liners will be replaced with new ones
  • textolite spacer was broken under the fuel pump, change
  • seals and all gaskets, of course we change

Further state will show cleaning and thorough washing of all parts. The accretions inside the engine, as if the oil had never changed, just poured.

We order the necessary parts and gaskets and look forward to their delivery to us.

Repair photo

Body restoration

We put in order the body: cleaning, putty, primer, painting. And he’s like new! Lovely machine …

Photo report on the body

Body protection

Defended the bottom, wheel arches, hidden cavities, so that it rotted after another fifty years.


Interior painting

So we are approaching the finish line for painting the Beetle. The body is ready, looks at all 200!
The master of painting, put a lot of soul into this car, that’s the result on the face. Great job. By “paint brushes” left behind small: doors, sills and hoods. The hoods inside are already painted, a couple of three days and it will be ready.

Photo painting

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