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Development of drawings ATV

At the dawn of our activity, in the period when the quadrocycles were in huge shortage, there were practically no children at all, our company made them individually. Today we returned to this issue again

What was and is:

  • fully developed frame and suspension
  • a children’s quad bike based on a Japanese scooter, there were quite a lot of them at that time (used as a donor), a couple of options remained (photo)

We also made such an option for a person with disabilities (disabled) to move around the city and get more joy from life.

What we offer now:

  • to develop drawings of a children’s ATV based on the available components for engines of 50–200 cm3. on the basis of a motor scooter or VAZ components.
    • Option 50 – 80 cm cube – it is desirable to use four-stroke engines from scooters. They already have their electric starter and variator, which is very convenient for child exploitation.
    • Option 200 cm cube – four-stroke engine series GX, GE – Honda GX200 analogues (Sadko, Centaur, Weima, etc.) These are more powerful and unpretentious engines. There are options with automatic clutch, it is also possible to install it yourself
  • make drawings of 2 or 4-seat quad for older children and adults. In this paragraph, we ask you to leave comments on this material, with your even fantastic wishes)
  • electro-quad bike, for both children and adults. In this embodiment, a quad bike or tricycle can become an indispensable assistant for people with reduced mobility (people with disabilities)
  • all-wheel drive with a manual transmission

Quad bike – how do you imagine it? And how you want to see it, for what purposes, etc.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and recommendations.

Photos of our ATVs

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