Kit car Raptor 1500

The team Avtoproject has extensive experience in building cars buggy with his own hands. We have made more than 150 buggies of various models.

When purchasing drawings we will be happy to assist you in solving problems by consulting and offering our services on the following topics:

  • frame mini buggy do it yourself
  • drawings of the car based on the VAZ 2108
  • drawings of the front suspension mini buggy, as well as under the engine VAZ 2108 -2109
  • calculation of homemade auto suspension
  • what components to use when building a mini buggy for sports

You can order the details of the frame for the buggy according to your drawings.

For self-build buggy, an important condition is the correct calculation of the front suspension, depends on further good controllability of the car. The manufacturing precision also includes the need for tooling – conductors.

We offer you ready-made solutions and you can order from us:

  • Levers front with frames – the price is 300 $
  • front levers assembled with the frame nose section – from 450$ (the equipment is negotiated at the conclusion of the contract)
  • frame buggy 2000 $ (the equipment is specified at the conclusion of the contract)
  • photo of suspensions

This kit includes:

  • Frame. Fully welded with front and rear levers. Without attaching the steering mechanism and steering column. Other details of laser cutting are included in the kit (discuss).
  • On the frame there are no ears lining, pedal unit, upper brackets of shock absorbers (cook under your shock absorbers in place)
  • There are no engine and radiator mounts (each places its own radiator) they are indicated on the drawings or photos.
  • * Steering gear mounted on frame

* – Items marked with an asterisk are subject to additional payment as agreed by the parties.

What does this give?

You order the front and rear suspension separately levers with fasteners to the frame or with the nose and rear of the frame assembly and assemble the frame (instruction is attached) in its design by linking the suspension together with another original solution.

If you want to order drawings for self-manufacturing of the Raptor 1500 model buggy, you can do it on the following page:

It is possible to consider the issue of economy when you provide the parts, parts and materials necessary for this kit.

Attention! This issue is considered after the conclusion of the contract.

This kit allows you to easily assemble a Raptor 1500 car. To do this, you need to purchase all the components (the list is attached to the kit), in part it is located below. Think over your own veneer variant or use our development and start building a buggy with a good mood. If necessary, in the need of drawings – their price decreases significantly, within 25% of the total price.

Additionally, we can order under the designer Raptor 1500:

  • Facing steel components metal St3, two thicknesses of 1.5 and 2 mm (without painting). Kit price – negotiable
  • Fiberglass lining (for painting) color is white, gray or black (by the presence of gel) plastic thickness 2.5 – 3 mm. Quality great price negotiable
  • In both cases, the lining is drilled in place, and the ears of the lining are welded to the frame
  • Installation of mounts (ears, brackets) under the steering mechanism from Tavria (modified) Price – negotiable
  • Make all the brackets for mounting the engine and gearbox and welded into the frame:
    • with a rigid engine mount without pillows. The price is 75 $
    • at fastening through pillows (pillows are provided by the customer). Price 85 $

The process of construction in pictures

Watch the video

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