Disks and hubs

Mini buggy for sports requires the use of strong and lightweight discs and hubs.

Since 2001, our company has mastered the production of aluminum hubs and eight-inch wheels for the Mini Buggy Cabrio, Cabrio Sport, Champion, Champion Sport and their analogues. A foundry is produced, then the machining process converts the casting into a finished product. It is possible to produce discs with a width of 136 to 150 mm.

In the present period, you can order from us as ready-made disks and hubs, as well as foundries (to save your money). Also purchase drawings, which is necessary for further processing.

Terms of delivery and the rate for payment, we agree upon the time of placing the order.

Mechanical restoration

Wheel disc (two halves)

Price: up to 4 pcs. – $ 57, from 8 pcs. – $ 55

Hub (front / rear) three beams *

Price: up to 4 pcs. – $ 20, from 8 pcs. – $ 18

* – when ordering, pay attention to the size of the front hub bearing. There are two options: 203 or 104. Accordingly, the diameter of the front wheel axle is 17 mm / 20 mm.

Drawings for self-production

Set of drawings (wheel wheel, hub front, hub back) – 10 $.

The same set with completion for your components – 20 $.

Letyshops [lifetime]

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