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Automatic centrifugal clutch

The model of automatic clutch with an external sprocket is suitable for engines Sadko, Honda, Centaur, Bulat series Gx160 – 200 – 270 -390 cm3. The device is simple in assembly and further maintenance, the main wear parts are available in the retail network at affordable prices.

If you are a turner or have access to a lathe, consider this a 100% success and economy.

Auto clutch photo

In the set:

  1. Drawings of all the parts that we manufacture by turning and milling
  2. A photo of the parts from which the clutch is assembled, as well as the serial numbers of the scooter parts
  3. Clutch assembly
  4. Prices for serial parts of scooters (if you buy from us)
  5. Installation instructions for the engine
  6. Explanatory note

Auto clutch video

Cost – 200 UAH

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