Buggy seats

The seat model to choose from, the mount for it, the upholstery or cushions – all lead to the quality of control of your car, hang glider, aircraft.

The offered types of products are sports racing seats from Avtoproject (BaggiSport).

The first prototype seats were created in 1999. The quality is beyond doubt, as you can always be sure, and the price range is quite adequate to the realities of the Ukrainian market.

In the basic version, the seats are in the “bare plastic” version. This is due to the rationality of their use in automobile and powerboat sports. To increase comfort, pillows or mats can be used to suit individual needs.

Sitting bucket L

Sitting bucket XL

Sitting Raptor

Karting seat

Child seat

Seat Covers

Folding seat

Seat mouts

Seat application

Black, white and gray in one price range. The need to manufacture seats in brighter colors (red, blue, green, and others) will lead to an increase in cost up to 15%, specify when ordering.

The advantage of our seats:

  • light weight meets the required strength! (buggy sports, drag, off road, aircraft)
  • low weight and with mounts for sleds, makes it possible to install both on a buggy and in a serial car
  • application where there is a lot of dirt, dust, water, it is quickly cleaned, washed off, put a dry mat and went further
  • choice of size and style
  • when upholstery seats, it is possible to modify them, cut them – giving the style you need for your car or other equipment

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