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Seat mouts, suitable

Bucket brackets, material steel (custom-made aluminum) Benefits: light weight 2.3 – 3.1 kg of steam per seat (sport buggy, drag,…
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Folding seat

Looking for a compact foldable seat? Our team has developed a new option for individual vehicles, boats, yachts – a…
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Buggy seats

The seat model to choose from, the mount for it, the upholstery or cushions – all lead to the quality…
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Seat Covers

Would you like an upholstered seat? We know how to solve this problem!

Karting seat

Karting seat – full analogue of MC KART rental karting seat. Minimum width 350 mm Maximumя width 370 mm Cost:…
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Seat fiberglass bucket XL

Характеристики: weight – 4 + to 0,5 kg plastic thickness 4-5 mm cost: 2350 UAH (standard) 2650 UAH (enhanced) When…
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